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Staff and Management

All the managers are available to speak to you and can be contacted through Aucklands.

We have a dedicated staff team here at Aucklands who receive both in house and external training. All our staff have received mandatory training such as Infection Control, Safe Moving and Positioning of People, Health and Safety and First Aid.

Staff are trained in Dr Gemma Jones’ Communication and Care Giving in Dementia. Please see the page regarding this for further information.

All staff are also trained in Physical Intervention and Safe Hold Techniques should this ever be required. Should you require further information regarding this please contact us.

We proud to say that we have only used agency staff on a few occasions in 30 years of ownership. It is important to us that our residents receive care and support from care staff they know well and have built up a relationship with.

We have a key worker system in place that enables residents and staff to develop these relationships and help maintain links with family, friends and the local community.
We are also developing a Champion scheme with our staff, focusing on specific areas such as Dignity and Dementia. The Champion in each area will have specific training to enable them to become an expert in their chosen area and then cascade this knowledge to other staff.

We invite family members to attend our training, in particular Dr Gemma Jones training to enable them to have a greater understanding of the condition itself as well as why we ‘do what we do’.

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