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The Ashman Family

Thank you so much for all your supportover the past few years, it made Dad’s life that much more fulfilled, and we had the confidence that Dad was receiving the best possible care.

Aucklands is a special place because of the team so please pass our love and gratitude to all the staff.We will be in touch regarding Dad’s memorial bench and hope that others will enjoy sitting out in the garden as much as Dad did.

The Bell Family

A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to you all for the most wonderful way that you cared for mum.

I will always be so grateful that she was in your precious care during her last few years. Nothing was too much trouble, I always felt so supported by you all.

it is still a great shock, nothing could prepare me for this time but I am taking comfort from Dear Mum now being in peace with no more suffering.

God bless you all, you are such amazing dedicated people.

Social Worker, East Dorset Locality Team

Can I take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed working with you both and your team. I also want to let you know that I am always telling our managers what a very good team you are, how effective, skilled and knowledgeable you are and that in my view you are value for money for the service that you provide given the complex folk that you care for. I have also told our managers that you appear to go the extra mile to make sure that your service users needs are met and that also on each occasion i have been to Aucklands, staff have looked to be busy in their work. Their practice and level of support and encouragement always strikes me as competent and confident and that the overall feeling is that folk are well cared for and looked after.

Toni – external activity provider

Excellent atmosphere. Everyone is always happy and cheerful. There is a really homely feel and the smell of good food cooking adds to the atmosphere. I visit several homes and Aucklands is one of the nicest I have come across. I observe residents being treated with respect and dignity. This really matters.

Behaviours when safe/comfortable

Behaviours when safe/comfortable

Stage 1 Malorientation (accept help: trusted other)

  • confides in ‘trusted other normal adult’ when upset (usually only one carer or family member), hence they do not blame others for errors
  • admit to memory difficulties, and to being fearful
  • ask for help when frightened, and appreciate reminders and cues to maintain normal routine
  • don’t use excuses or blame so much to cover up their own mistakes
  • humorous
  • helpful
  • engaging, affectionate
  • tries to present their ‘preferred self-image’ and their best adult social etiquette
  • enjoys group outings and activities
  • enjoys doing ‘special tasks’ to help staff
  • may try to help people in Stages 2 & 3 (in group activities), as long as they don’t have to identify with them because their ‘trusted other’ affirms them

Stage 2 Time confusion (feel found)

  • think that they are at home or work (even in a care setting)
  • relaxed, spontaneous, disinhibited, fun, affectionate
  • sing, dance, recite poems, prose, prayers readily
  • mistakes caregivers for others in their life
  • if they have a ‘buddy’ in the same stage, they care for each other all day, and do not try to cling to others
  • engage with familiar routines, people, objects
  • try to help with anything that they can
  • sometimes think they’re not being paid for work done

Stage 3 Repetitive Motion (others provide real stimulation)

  • maintain a larger repertoire of words/phrases
  • try to locate others to have eye contact
  • often sing, hum, tap rhythms
  • will hold hands with others
  • will respond enthusiastically to simple questions
  • will participate in groups with sensory stimulation activities, with movement & minimal speech demands
  • still try & feed self (often manage finger foods slowly)

S4 End stage withdrawal (feeling care & attention)

  • still trying to make eye contact, lip movements (some sounds), hand squeezes.

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